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We are a team of people passionate about what we do, who seek extraordinary results working with extraordinary people

Who are we


we are
Seeliger y Conde

As a team we are dedicated to consulting in the search, development, and retention of managerial talent. We firmly believe in people as the most valuable asset in any organization and at any time in its evolution.

we are

Our work focuses on the vision and strategy of our client. Our partners have been top managers and entrepreneurs, so they know their sector from its roots. They have the network, they know "who's who", and they can identify local and global trends in a time of constant change.

we are

We sign our work with the name of our company, understanding the peculiarities and nuances of our environment. Our independence allows us to be flexible in our value propositions, offering real, flexible, and sustainable solutions in the development of talent.

we are

Through our alliance with AltoPartners, made up of independent local firms with a presence in 32 countries, spanning the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. We share the commitment with the client as our reason for being.

makes us different

Our strength
30 years of unlimited commitment and stubborn improvement. We have a faithful team with high sector expertise and attached to our principle: we seek extraordinary results working with extraordinary people.

Our closeness
We want to create trusting and long-term relationships, being part of the advisory council of our clients and candidates. We are close to their strategy, their idiosyncrasy, their vision. In a competitive market, full of possibilities and constant changes, talent can be fleeting. Our challenge is to make the people who lead companies part of the soul of the company, long-term leaders.


Our coherence and transparency
We do what we say, and explain what we do. We are a team of people sharing the passion for what we do and believe, accompanying our clients and candidates in their growth and working towards a common goal.
Our character leads us to offer the best answer: if what we are asked for does not exist or is not ideal, we will say so. We will say what is needed and we will make it possible.