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The notable reactivation of the real estate sector in Spain, which keeps growing since 2015/16 with the entry of investment funds from 2013/14 (initially acquiring the servicers of financial entities and later acquiring assets), has shaped a new sectorial panorama:

  • Residential development, depleted during the crisis, has re-emerged with a group of new large developers, with a professionalized structure, who lead the market in built-to-sale residential development and diversifying into built-to-rent property activity.
  • The property-ownership real estate activity and asset management has also been nurtured by the dynamism and liquidity of international real estate funds, materializing large investment operations in operating tertiary assets (offices and commercial).
  • The huge number of non-productive assets on the balance sheet of many entities, a consequence of the real estate crisis, has also reactivated the more financial aspect of the sector, with the entry of investors specializing in recoveries and NPLs.

The professionalization of the sector is translating into financial rigor of the business model (costs, deadlines and pressure on margins and processes on construction companies) with a greater focus on product and its customization (innovation, demand and market), with special attention to the "customer experience” to refloat the damaged image of the sector.

What skills
are required today

The professionalization of the sector has notably diversified the required profiles, setting up multidisciplinary teams, where profiles with great technical and project management capacity are required for the “production” (construction) of assets. Also required are market profiles with a strategic “business” and market vision to focus on the "product", as well as strong financial profiles to structure and optimize a multi-year cycle model and to understand land under management as a financial asset.

Cross-functionality and adaptability are necessary abilities for a common agenda and joint vision focused on business and customer focused brand building.


At Seeliger y Conde we have Partners (architects, economists, lawyers) with previous executive experience in the real estate sector and who have undertaken numerous management search processes over the years for the main companies in the real estate sector (promoters, patrimony, funds, servicers and consultants).

At Seeliger y Conde we also carry out research studies, market analysis and valuation of equipment in the sector, which gives us a broad vision and knowledge of the companies, their structures and the professionals that make them up.

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