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We are committed to helping clients face the great challenges in a time of permanent change and from the firm belief that people are their main asset.

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The industrial sector with a certain added value, the one that will be able to remain active in Europe, is experiencing a revolution in its management, a true paradigm shift: to the methodological mentality, which seeks maximum efficiency, we must add innovative open-mindedness. The new and definitive challenge is to combine both with the flexibility that customer orientation requires.

What skills
are required today

The industrial sector today requires rounded professionals, complete in their development, not only methodical and efficient, but also innovative and flexible. It also requires very important communication and teamwork skills, vital qualities to combine two worlds as seemingly distant in mentality as marketing and production. An operations department or a supply chain approach is no longer enough; you have to think together and work side by side. The global vision is another fundamental characteristic.


For many years, Seeliger y Conde has been the undisputed leader in the search for executives for the Family Business of an industrial network. Our success is largely based on a deep understanding of the sector, which translates into a clear vocation and culture of service to the industry.

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