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The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a major structural change. The rising cost of research, the emergence of new unmet medical needs and the need to address more global markets are promoting a rapid concentration of companies looking for size. They also face new challenges imposed by increased administrative regulation with stricter requirements in the approval of specifications, the development of generic products in competition with patents and greater restrictions and regulations on reference prices. At the same time, consumers are increasing control over their health care, promoting preventive medicine and promoting different business models, and the distribution is facing changes in its model and in the treatment of the point of sale to optimize its margins.

What skills
are required today

Managers in this segment must provide a global and strategic vision of the markets, with a an ability to constantly adapt their business models and the profile of their teams. The ability to lead change and promote innovation, a strict focus on productivity, efficiency and return on investment are essential characteristics to address the complex environment of the sector.

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