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We are committed to helping clients face the great challenges in a time of permanent change and from the firm belief that people are their main asset.

what we do Sectors Financial and private equity

of the Sector

Seeliger y Conde has been heavily involved in both processes of concentration and internationalization and in the current process of restructuring of the financial sector. Due to the breadth and diversity of businesses in the sector, Seeliger y Conde has 3 Partners in Madrid and Barcelona specialized in the various business areas and functional positions, such as:

  • Asset Management and Private Banking.
  • Banca Comercial: Red, Riesgos, Medios de Pago, etc.
  • Commercial Banking: Network, Risks, Means of Payment, etc.
  • Insurance.
  • Investment and Corporate Banking: Mergers and Acquisitions, Financial Advice, Fixed Income Capital Market, Equity and Derivatives, Structured Financing, Venture Capital, Management Companies and Investee Portfolio.
  • Financial Services in general.
What skills
are required today

The progressive sophistication of both corporate and private clients requires professionals in the sector to have a deep knowledge of the product and the markets which in turn will allow them to advise clients on origination and business development.


The more than 500 searches carried out by Seeliger y Conde in this sector, for both public and private, national and international entities, have allowed us to acquire a deep specialization in the various areas of activity and business. This enables us to offer our clients a deep knowledge of the sector, as well as of the most competent candidates, not only in Spain but also professionals in the main financial markets (London, New York, Frankfurt, Paris, etc.).

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