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We are committed to helping clients face the great challenges in a time of permanent change and from the firm belief that people are their main asset.

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Family businesses today face five major challenges to ensure their continuity:

  • Guarantee their generational succession
  • Increase their size and ability to invest
  • Professionalize their management without losing the positive aspects of the family business culture
  • Be up to date on innovation
  • Internationalization
What skills
are required today

The family business executive must be a rounded professional in his/her technical and managerial capabilities, but he/she must also have strong values, principles and ideals that fit culturally with those of the family that owns the business he/she leads: respect for family values, motivation, loyalty and commitment, austerity and personal sacrifice, long-term vision. In the family business, the manager's understanding of the characteristics and culture desired by the family, the ability to adapt and generous empathy are essential for the success of the long-term relationship. In these companies, more than in any other, the importance of the "personality" is often highlighted over the "knowledge/experience" of the manager.


Seeliger y Conde has helped and advised a large number of Spanish family businesses on very diverse projects: reorganization of the governing bodies, analysis of management teams, restructuring of organizations, search for professional managers, coaching family members and/or managers, etc. In addition to providing objectivity, credibility, trust and methodology in our work, Seeliger y Conde, being independent and formed by generalist Partners with managerial experience in different sectors, differentiates itself from the competition by providing: flexibility and agility in decision making, ability to establish long-term relationships of trust and greater affinity and understanding with the owner due to our entrepreneur status.

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