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of the Sector

The Infrastructure sector is going through a stage of profound transformation in an economic context conditioned in the short term by financial limitations, especially from the public sector, as a result of growing spending on social policy and high public debt. It is a transformation that offers new opportunities in the sector to meet a new socio-economic reality defined, among others, by the following factors:

  • International development as a way of growth, with the strategic analysis that it requires and the time, investment and risk it entails.
  • The specialization that allows technically complex engineering works to be tendered, providing added value and with greater margin, even in a subcontracting model.
  • Diversification:
    • Towards concession models (PPP, PFI) that, although they require equity, generate recurring income, reducing the risk of project management.
    • In new business models linked to urban environments, especially in the field of mobility and technology.
    • With an increasing importance of environmental infrastructures in response to greater social pressure.

Energy infrastructures (generation and transport) as well as those of the water cycle will increase their weight, opening up to concession models, especially payment for availability.

What skills
are required today

The internationalization of the sector requires full geographical mobility and adaptability to different cultural and language environments of its managers.

Training and technical training are basic, but competence and experience in business management (financial and organizational) and a vision not only of the comprehensive project cycle, but also of the global business cycle, are also essential.

Finally, in the current disruptive environment, learning agility skills, networking and the use of agile methodologies will facilitate a better fit in the potential new business areas of companies in the sector.


At Seeliger y Conde we have engineer and architect Partners, with field experience in project management and who later, as Partners of the firm, have undertaken numerous national and international management search processes for the main Infrastructure, Engineering and Concessionaries. At Seeliger y Conde we also carry out research studies, market analysis and evaluation of teams in the sector, which gives us a broad vision and knowledge of the companies, their structures and the professionals that make them up.

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