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We are committed to helping clients face the great challenges in a time of permanent change and from the firm belief that people are their main asset.

what we do Sectors ICT and Digital

of the Sector

This is a sector in continuous change, with high competition and strong growth, which requires us to be constantly up-to-date with all the new trends, emerging technologies and provide in-depth knowledge through our sectoral specialization of the main players and the talent available in each area of the business. In this sense, Seeliger y Conde directs its offer to the Information Technology and Media sector, segmenting it in the various sub-sectors that comprise it:

  • Telecommunications
  • Internet and Electronic Commerce
  • Software
  • Consulting
  • Hardware and Electronics
  • Editorial world
  • Media (Press, Radio, TV, etc)
What skills
are required today

In these sectors, the market asks us for skills and competencies such as:

  • Global vision of the world of technology and how business models, both their own and those of their clients, are being transformed.
  • Flexibility and anticipation of the constant change that new technologies are causing.
  • Understanding and ability to interpret market trends.
  • Focus on the client and business growth.
  • Leadership and strong team spirit.
  • Ability to adapt to a changing business culture.

Our firm has carried out more than 600 executive search processes in the sector since its inception, collaborating with the leading companies in each sub-sector and participating in the establishment of subsidiaries of multinationals in Spain and the launch of start-ups.

We have among our clients some of the most significant companies, both for their specific weight and for their capacity for innovation and speed of growth, market leadership or vision of the future, accompanying them in their constant needs to attract talent and adapt to change.

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