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We are committed to helping clients face the great challenges in a time of permanent change and from the firm belief that people are their main asset.

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Multichannel continues to transform the consumer business model, transforming it into more of a matrix, making the value chain more complex and merging the manufacturer and retailer in brand building.

The new levers of demand generation in digital channels and social forums, together with traditional and in-person media at the point of sale, make brand building a subtle exercise in integrating the new digital shopper and the convergence of consumer and shopper in an omnichannel world.

The integration of the value chain requires collaboration or partnership between manufacturers and distributors with a focus on consumers and shopper experience at the point of sale: consumers have more information, and they are more demanding shoppers.

The crisis sharpens the sensitivity to prices and the pressure on margins: the traditional model of the manufacturer that owns its productive assets (and the capital service that this requires) will necessarily change towards models of optimization of resources and productive capacities, with creative corporate operations to release or share industrial assets with other manufacturers or specialized investors.

What skills
are required today

The evolution towards more liquid and consumer-focused agile models requires the integration of the front profiles or structures (commercial also, not only doers) and (marketing, not only thinkers) with a “common business agenda” and more cross-functional profiles and support functions focused on the business (supply-chain, technology and systems, HR…).

Managers in the dynamic and demanding consumer sector must have a global and strategic vision of the activity and cross-functional functions, with the ability to constantly evolve their business models and the profile of their teams in changing environments.

The ability to transform is essential, towards models of added value in product and service, from innovation and technology, from brand, market and consumer sensitivity.


At Seeliger y Conde we have Partners with extensive and successful business experience as top executives in companies in the consumer sector (consumption, distribution, retail). The hundreds of projects that we carry out with companies that manufacture and distribute consumer goods (food, beverages, hygiene, cosmetics, home, luxury, fashion, ...) as well as with retailers in a wide spectrum of products and services allow us to have the pulse, contacts and learn about the evolution of this exciting sector.

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