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Our aim is to help companies on the path to excellence, through advice and support in the development of talent

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The identification of executive potential is a very useful tool for the governance and management of executive talent in an organization.

Having the right people in the highest leadership roles will be the key to success that will allow companies to differentiate themselves in an increasingly fickle market.

We support our clients in evaluating the competencies of their managers regarding the needs and challenges of the company:

  • We establish the profile of required competencies based on the mission, culture and strategy, as well as functional and even geographical responsibilities of a company.
  • We take stock of the existing profiles, diagnose the levels of adjustment and make necessary changes.
  • We advise policies to corporately align individual and collective talent, developing it towards the required profile.
  • We identify and develop the most appropriate organizational model to achieve the objectives of the company.

Our methodology has been developed internally by the Seeliger y Conde team during the last 10 years thanks to the trust of more than 150 clients and the evaluation of more than 5,000 executives.

We conduct in-depth interviews within our team and our client's management.
This approach is highly valued by participants who are not exposed to testing tools.

The objective is to create the right climate to guarantee comfort and trust, generating a discussion beyond the mere evaluation of skills, openly sharing your opinions, concerns and your business vision.


initial analysis

  • Scope of the Project
  • Identify Corporate Objectives and Competencies
  • Internal communication plan


Interviews – 2 sessions per participant

  • Developed by 2 Partners and 2 Consultants

Reports and conclusions

  • Individual Reports:
    Competency profile, areas of strength and improvement, personal expectations and recommended action plan
  • General Conclusions Reports:
    Executive Summary plus a full report. Culture and organizational changes, global competence profile and potential matrix
  • Diagnosis and recommendations

feedback and follow-up

  • Knowledge transfer to HR and Senior Management
  • Monitoring and follow-up
  • Eventually, individual follow-up with participants
  • Review of implementation of other continuity services

We offer our clients a continuity service that can be implemented with the following initiatives:

  • Planning of managerial positions.
  • Management bodies.
  • Succession plans, training / coaching.
  • Design or redefinition of internal communication.
  • Support for professional promotion.
  • Motivation and retention plans.