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Our vision involves recognizing the needs, aspirations, and values of our clients, and identifying leaders with the appropriate experience, knowledge and cultural fit.

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Knowledge of the business and culture of our clients is essential to support them in identifying and recruiting the professionals that best adapt to their needs.

We don't focus on being researchers, but passionate consultants.

We evaluate experience, values, and attitude to ensure a perfect match.

Our Partners have solid previous experience in company management in the main sectors of the economy.
The structure of our firm into sector practices responds to the firm belief that, in highly competitive and fickle markets, our specialization adds value for our clients.

We assign to each search a team made up of a Partner and a Consultant who can contribute greater experience and knowledge in the sector of activity.

We also have a market intelligence team made up of specialists who support Partners and Consultants in the execution of searches.

The support of our international network complements our global reach in talent management.

We are backed by over 30 years of experience, giving us unrivalled access to leadership wherever you are, and good judgment in our value proposition.


To identify leaders from around the world, with the right experience, knowledge, and cultural fit.

We start from a deep knowledge of our clients, their strategies, objectives, and culture.


Our vision involves continuously monitoring the different sectors in which we operate, through:

  • Identifying local and global trends
  • sector intelligence development with key function tracking
  • monitoring the professional development of managers in key companies and identifying potential talent.
  • Our approach is to be advisers to our clients in all phases of the search process.
    The sector expertise of our Partners and Consultants, and access to the "who's who" of each sector backed by our experience, are especially critical.

    Strategy and planning

    • Analysis and search strategy
    • Agree specifications: profile of the position to be filled and competencies
    • List of target companies

    Long list of candidates

    • Direct search in our database, within our network and through other technological applications
    • Evaluation of the candidates
    • Long list of Candidates

    Short list of candidates

    • Candidate interviews
    • Short list of candidates
    • Written candidate reports


    • Presentation of the short list to the client
    • Client interviews
    • References and background checks

    Close and follow up

    • Support contract negotiations
    • Follow up of candidate´s performance
    • Follow up of client satisfaction

  • Seeliger y Conde has a team dedicated exclusively to the generation and processing of relevant information. Market Intelligence feeds our database proactively, allowing us to adapt to customer needs.

    • It enables us to have very advanced "Research", which translates into a competitive advantage in the development of future searches.
    • We have a centralized service for all our information sources, both external and internal.
    • We develop rankings, lists and sectorial and functional mappings.