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The design and operation of the board of directors is critical for the economic success, the sustainability of the company, and the safeguarding of the shareholders' investment

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We accompany our clients in all key aspects so that the Board of Directors meets its obligations, develops an achievement-oriented atmosphere and ensures the long-term sustainability of the company.

We have a team of Partners who provide a high level of experience in corporate governance and who form part of various Boards of Directors, which makes it easier to address the biggest challenges facing the Board today, such as achieving a long-term vision, independence, greater diversity, succession and adequate compensation, among others.


Designing a good board of directors involves creating the ideal mix of profiles. No professional is good or bad in absolute terms but he/she must be considered in combination with his/her teammates.

It is recommended that the director selection policy be concrete and verifiable, based on a prior analysis of needs, so that the Board offers a diverse combination of profiles, in terms of skills, knowledge, experiences and gender.

Large institutional investors and "proxy advisors", including regulators themselves, are already demanding, as good practices in Corporate Governance, the recurrent review of group dynamics as well as potential gaps in functional experiences or in the necessary capacities for the correct exercise of the functions as a director.

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