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Seeliger y Conde created, in 2002, a division called Workpoint dedicated to finding work for people with disabilities. In 2009, the Seeliger y Conde Partners created the Seeliger y Conde Foundation, with the aim of formalizing and making the project grow, in addition to expanding the range of activities carried out in favour of people with functional diversity and companies that wish to hire them.

Following this growth strategy, in November 2009, the Diversity Consultancy, specialized in business advice on disability issues joined the Foundation. From that moment, the SyC Foundation develops the Diversity program, which brings together all its activities, with the aim of becoming the benchmark consultancy for the business world.


To be a reference in diversity consulting, for people and companies, carrying out actions that contribute to social and workplace inclusion.


Services for people with disabilities:

  • Job search
  • Contribute to training
  • Employment advice
  • Career plans
  • Coaching and Mentoring

Company Services

  • Selection of candidates with disabilities
  • Training and awareness
  • CSR, communication, and disability projects
  • Plan for the development of people with disabilities in the organisation
  • Diversity Coaching
  • Management and support of certificate of exceptionality and application of alternative measures